Trudeau reaches out to Pinoys in Winnipeg; talks about federal budget on CKJS 810AM

Canadian Prime Minister  Justin  Trudeau  talked  about the newly-tabled  federal government’s  budget for 2019  and how it  impact  Manitobans and Winnipegers as he reached  out to the  50 thousand strong Filipino community on   CKJS 810 AM today.

Speaking on “Good Morning Philippines”,  the Prime Minister  highlighted  setting aside funding for training benefits for youth and workers,   housing affordability for newcomers,  retirement incentives, automation and  creation of  a national pharmacare program so seniors can ease their  burden on prescription medications, among others.

In an interview with CKJS morning show hosts Lito Taruc and Donna Natividad-Arenas,  Trudeau expressed excitement in connecting to Pinoy households thru CKJS.

“It’s great to be here talking to the Filipino community,  as he waved to live feed  followers on facebook.

Trudeau  made  special  mention also  of  Winnipeg’s  MP Kevin Lamoureux’s contribution when he  boasted about   how his government has put emphasis on immigration.

“Immigration is something not only on this budget that something that we have been working on in this government for a few years. We’ve eliminated massive part of the backlog. We know that there’s a lot more to be done but we are on the right track.”




Lito asked  the prime minister  if he ever noticed the potholes and asked him what support his government could do about it.

“I have spoken a lot  with city mayor Brian Bowman about the challenges   on infrastructure. We took an unprecedented step to massively increase giving money directly to the city. This year,  Winnipeg will get 44 million directly from federal  for insfractructure without relying on the province.”

Answering query from the listeners,  in light of the current community concern about safety and illegal drugs following  the death of Jimboy Adao  that hardly hit the community,  Trudeau expressed his sympathy  and  agreed there is more to be done to make Canada a safe country for all.

We have to do more about fighting metamphetamine crisis.  Those community support is necessary. Our government should work on  strenghtening public safety and security.”

Trudeau affirmed to give necessary support  to first aid responders and emergency services like policemen to make it sure they have the tools in keeping the community safe.

“Our diversity in Canada is one of our greatest strength . It makes us so sucsesful as a country and the Filipino community is an extraordinary example of that. We need to keep working for a stronger future.  I will always stand up for our diversity. ” 

Trudeau arrived in the city Monday evening and gave a speech at Liberal party event.  Following his guesting on CKJS, he will  have a tour of the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, along with Minister of International Trade Diversification Minister Jim Carr.

While the budget aimed at winning the hearts and votes of the middle class, many critics and opposition disagree because  the  $22.8 billion in new spending will result to a rise in deficit.


(Video and photo credit: Lendyl Soriano)

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