Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exclusive interview on CKJS 810 AM today

The large Filipino community in Manitoba woke up this morning getting updated with how the government of Canada is doing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic from the Prime Minister himself in an exclusive interview with “Good Morning Philippines” host Chester Pangan.


  • Federal government continuing to work hard to support the provinces in making difficult decisions whether supporting families or businesses across the country
  • Promoting safe international borders to make it sure that Canadians are protected especially from the new strain of the virus
  • Trudeau requested everyone to  hold on for months and continue to work together to protect everyone especially the frontline workers and the vulnerable to help flatten the curve
  • Canada is looking at vaccinating every Canadian who wants it by September 2021
  • Canada is in good position than any other countries as it make deals with more potential vaccine manufacturers around the world to make it sure that supplies are met for all
  • A few hundred thousands doses of vaccines were shipped to Canada in recent weeks which is good but government is looking at millions of doses in the coming weeks or months; government is focused now on ramping up delivery to provinces to make sure that vaccines not only come quickly (timely) but safely
  • Even as the priority of the government is protecting Canadians, Canada is also involved in multi-lateral initiatives in giving vaccine support for vulnerable people in developing countries and friends around the world — including the Philippines
  • The government continues to work hard to give support to businesses and families affected by the pandemic as how it started doing it since last summer
  • Financial benefits that support affected qualified Canadians to continue up to summer as long  as families need support while pandemic is ongoing and while they need the help
  • Federal government works directly with the provinces in protecting the most vulnerable–whether the indigenous community, frontline workers or seniors
  • Acknowledged the tremendous leadership that Filipino-Canadians have offered in so many different areas — in particular in the sector of health care– “it is extraordinary, the extent to which they work above and beyond in serving everyone as they balance  family life.”
  • Prime Minister expressed sympathy for the loss of former CKJS news director Lito Taruc

To hear the live phone patch interview in full, please click below:

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