“Maligayang Pasko” from your friends at CKJS 810AM

The Philippines is known for having the world’s longest Christmas season. The four months of the year that end with the syllable “ber” are considered Christmas months. This is is why stores and household or radio– including our very own CKJS 810AM start playing carols on the first day of September. The holiday season extends until the Feast of the Epiphany or Three Kings (Tatlong Hari) which falls January 6.

The Filipino word “Pasko” is derived from the Spanish word Pascua. Although the word Pascua means Easter, Pascua de Navidad refers to Christmas. To greet each other during the season, Filipinos usually say “Maligayang Pasko” which means MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Amid pandemic, the usual big gatherings of families and friends during this special season will be replaced this year by a much smaller celebration with public health officials reminding Manitobans to stay home and celebrate with only the household members and connect with others virtually.

From all of us at CKJS 810AM, we wish everyone a blessed, safe, merry christmas.

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