COMMUNITY: Food Trip Festival showcases Pinoy street food, native desserts and a lot more!


The Labor Day long weekend got  a perfect weather for  hundreds of  food fanatics  who made their way  down to Tyndall Park to fill up on  all kinds of  foods, desserts and drinks from local vendors.

Food Trip: Festival of  Filipino Food took place Sept 2 and 3, 2017  and  brought together a  wide array of  mouth-watering food and  native desserts for all ages in one location.

While most of the participating  kiosks dished out   street foods  on stick  like “isaw”  “mag wheels” “fish balls” , “hotdog”   and  “kwekwek”,   there was  plenty to munch on.  There was  “taho”.  “sapin sapin”,   lecheflan,  brazo de mercedez  or “sago gulaman”  on the sweet side.

The ever popular arroz caldo and goto, sisig, pandesal   and pansit were still a major attraction.  Most of the food stalls were  small-scale and   new to food   business  and/or  don’t have  existing  restaurants.





Organizer  Lourdes Federis describes the event as “a perfect venue  to discover the delectable morsels  of Philippine cuisine across the regions and  a chance to   taste of  many flavors from across the  country.”


Aside from the variety of food  choices,   visitors were treated to  two days of  live  entertainment with stage host Jopay Alnas.


Performers include Levi Abad,   Simlle truth (Mikko De Luna) Fuzzhmado band (Aries Ocon),   Cinco (Miguel Claro) Putoseko Acoustics (Manny Araullo),   Ragdolls  (Bernadette Atillo) and Elesi.



Emcee Jopay Alnas


The  event  featured a cooking challenge, boodle fight,  basketball and volleyball tournament, farmers’ market and  educational  presentations.   There were also small business owners  who  set up booths promoting their products and services.  On Sunday, crowd were  encouraged to join some Zumba session.


Some stalls were more popular than the others as seen by the long line ups. Some  food vendors  even  said they were  sold out.   There were vendors who were generous with   “patikim” (or sample for taste test) .


Many  attendees  expressed  satisfaction with the  taste and quality of food  they bought.   There were some  who claimed some  food items  were way  too pricey.


Entrance to Food Trip was free.  Lourdes said  she will donate  two thousand dollars to the  Building a New Church project of St Peter’s Church.














photo credit: Anthony Lapuz

Photo credit: Anthony Lapuz











Em’s Sisig atbp







Food Trip: Food Festival  was not only a  showcase of   kitchen talent and skills  but of   creative presentation and marketing and good customer service.

While most of  the stores  accept only cash,  it was also a challenge to keep the price at par with existing  Pinoy restaurants ouside  of the fair.


Hopefully, the event becomes a yearly  tradition   that will draw not only  the Tyndall- Maples neighborhood (where a  big majority of the Filipinos reside ) but  will attract people from  the other part of the city or province as well.


Food trip  provided a great venue for  local  small  food business  owners to  show off  their  specialties  and   create  a good  name  so  eventually  they enter  a bigger  and  more competitive  food niche.


Hopefully,   community   events like   Food trip  can attract  more of   our non-Filipino  friends   in Manitoba   so they  have  more   knowledge and appreciation of Filipino dishes  (and not just   limited  to the usual  “pancit” or egg rolls).


The complete  list of  food kiosks and stalls present in the two-day event is as follows.    For more information, please connect to  Lourdes at




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