COMMUNITY/SPORTS: Winnipeg Martial Arts athletes bagged awards in World Championships

Seven  young martial arts athletes from Winnipeg, Manitoba  emerged  triumphant and competed   in  the World Karate Commission (WKC)  World Karate & Kickboxing Championships  held in   Dublin, Ireland.  October 27 – November 4, 2018.

The seven  athletes were part of  the 100 plus  delegates comprising  Team Canada,

In the overall standing,  six  of them  came home with WORLD  titles.  Three  of these  athletes are members of  Winnipeg Sikaran Arnis Academy (WSAA)  while three are from  Bae Martial Arts.

Ten year old-Lorenzo Ortilla  was hailed world  gold medalist  in Traditional Korean Style.

Zenon Cyncora , 13YO   got  a  gold in Team Light Contact and Bronze in Individual Light Contact Sparring


Lee Angela Igne, 16 YO , is  World Silver medalist in Creative Weapons   and  5th Best Fighter in the World for Point Sparring and 7th in Traditional Hard Style Forms.



Miley Carino, 9 YO, got bronze medal  in traditional hard Style forms and another  bronze for  Creative Weapon Forms.



Eighteen year old  Carson Cyncora was  silver medalist  for  Korean Hand Forms.

Twelve year old Lynn Igne is  hailed  the  5th best fighter in the World for Point Sparring and the 7th in Creative Weapon Forms.

Another Filipino-Canadian from Winnipeg,  10YO  Sheryl-Lynn Padua  competed  under the World Creative Weapons Division.  She is with  Nak Muay Thai Martial Arts.


The WKC World Championships are an annual martial arts competition where competitors from all over the world assemble to test their skills against the best of the best in their particular discipline.



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