change… constantly.

what makes a morning person, a morning person? i am a big fan of people who wakes up early just because their biological clock tells them to do so. alarm clocks? please. then there are people like me who looks at it a different way. it’s one thing that i wake up, another, for me to actually physically get up. it’s been a battle for a long time, but it’s a battle i believe i am recently winning. because i have learned to accept it. lots ask how i do it getting up that early, and my standard reply is “it’s like winter. you know it’s coming, but you never get used it”. once it’s there, you just roll with it and make the most of out of it. accept it. thinking about it now, these are the same people who actually listens to our morning show. meaning, they too wake up really early. i am grateful that they do. ckjs has been a tradition to our filipino community here in winnipeg for so many years, and i hope it will continue to do so for the years to come. it’s something that can’t be denied, and shouldn’t be taken for granted. our station has the strongest filipino programming presence in the whole of canada, i’ve heard. if you are from winnipeg and migrate to a different province, you’ll miss us for sure. more often than not though, we don’t realize that until it’s gone. even with the ‘listen live’ feature of, i don’t know… still not the same as you hear us on your radio while driving around the city of winnipeg. but what is constant, what’s always there are the things we normally care less about.

on the other end of the spectrum is when change do come. i remember a conversation i had with a colleague friend of mine, talking about how someday, i am going to have give way to someone else to continue the tradition of ckjs to the filipino community. someday, somebody else have to wake us up in the morning. how do i deal with that? realizing thatĀ the one thing that i believe i am good at, one of the very few reasons i wouldn’t mind waking up early for will eventually be given to someone else. this is the reality that a lot of people have to face in their respective fields as well. that change can come to us as swiftly as it came for the person we preceded. it’s the circle of life. a thought we may refuse to relish, but a thought that shouldn’t keep us awake at night either. instead, let’s all learn. learn new things, new skills. stagnation is what gives us time to fear. being afraid of the things thatĀ grieves us because we do not know, and no one knows what is yet to come. but if we are equipped, more opportunities, we are able to entertain. then, the sky is the limit. unless of course you learn to fly a plane, to which case even that won’t apply to you any longer. but i digress.

so from this moment on, as the leaves of autumn starts to fall on the ground, i will also embrace change. at the same time, i will learn to cherish the things given everyday. renewing enthusiasm to my constants. making sure to be on guard for anything and everything that life would throw my way. easier said than done i know, but at least i have a bit of a silver lining, a contingency plan if you will, when the ‘winters’ of life arrive. we may or may never get used it, but we still have to rise up early morning the next day anyway.

– chester

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