Submitting this  form is  on a first-come first served basis and   many were  heartbroken as within   minutes of posting,  form could no longer be accessed to from the IRCC website and intake was closed.

IRCC  tweeted 11 minutes after  the  application  opened that  it closed  because they   had  met the  limit of  27,000.  

Hundreds of  unsuccessful  and furious would-be applicants took to social media their  sentiments of the system.   

On IRCC facebook page, some  commented  having  trouble sending completed  online form because of   technical connection glitch.  There were  a few who  were not  even able  to  find the form.   Many are questioning  how  fast  the target 27,000 quota  was reached within 10 minutes.

Most of  them  made efforts to  prepare  everything needed, some even  took some time off from work  after waiting for  a year  for the application to open.


Dissapointing:   Widowed mother alone in the Philippines 

This  whole journey of sponsoring a parent is  like a roller coaster of emotion for many hopefuls  like Winnipeger  Fil-Can  Marie  Madrid who was  not even able to fill out the form.

I  waited,  opened and  reloaded the form but when I connected,  it  said it’s  closed already.   In less than 10 minutes, they reached 27k.  I was dissaopointed. I have   been trying my best to sponsor my mother for many years.” 



Marie’s  63  year old mother Adelina has been coming to Winnipeg as  tourist for the last  12 years as she helped  Marie and her sister Teresa  look after their kids while they work.

They   have tried applying to sponsor her in 2013  but application was returned  because of lacking  documents.  Unfortunately, they lose track  because of  the many changes that preceeded in the sponsorship process.

Adelina is  a widow and lives by herself in  their home in Bulacan.  She has  loved staying in Winnipeg because both of  her  daughters and their families are all here.   She is currently in the Philippines after her long and extended stay in Canada  last year  using super visa and is already   missing her grand children.

Supposedly, this first come first-served system was the answer to the unpopular lottery system of sponsorship the previous year which Marie also tried but was never lucky.

“Masaya pa rin sa Pilipinas  pero iba  kapag kasama namin siya  rito.  Walang ibang titingin sa kanya kundi kami lang”. (Life in the Philippines is happy but it’s different when she is here with us. Nobody will look after her back home).

To see her  mother become a permanent resident of Canada  means  peace of mind for Marie.   Under the current system, it looks like    she  will have  to wait another year  to try her  luck again.



Something to give a little spark of hope to  Marie and many others who did not make it —   IRCC’s updated wesite say  it  may open the interest to sponsor form again in 2019 if there is a need for  more potential sponsors. 

Following the intake and closing  on Monday,  Mathieu Genest, press secretary for Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen  released a statement  in the media   that more than 100,000 individuals who  attempted to access the Interest to Sponsor form when it went live,   that there were no  technical issues that happened and that they understand the disappointments of   those who were not successful in submitting.

(With information from and Global News)