BLOG: Meet Bernard and his Inspiring Story of Courage and Ability

The late physicist  Stephen Hawking was one of the most influential  people with disabilities  that we know. He once said “Disability need not be an obstacle to success.”

Just today, I am  honored  to meet 12-year old boy Bernard Rosello who is a living proof of that.

Bernard is  the ambassador for the  Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation which supports  children who live with disabilities and special needs in Manitoba.

He was joined by his very supportive family in the  annual  “Cruisin’  Down the Crescent”   fundraising event which was attended by almost a thousand.

Bernard’s smile  is  like rays  of  sunshine pouring  in this Sunday morning event. He is enthusiastic, friendly and  smart.

He  sits on his wheelchair. He does not have a right leg but he  could still stand up on his own and in fact, be independent, through the help of his prosthetic right leg.   His mother Marites said  Bernard has been using prosthetics  since he started  walking as baby.






Bernard Rosello, Ambassador

Children's Rehabilitation Foundation

Posted by Donna Natividad-Arenas on Sunday, June 10, 2018


Marites said his son  was born with a Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency (PFFD) on his right side. PFFD is a non-hereditary condition in which the femur is shortened.


“Bernard’s disability is very rare according to the doctors. I was told on my third month of pregnancy that something was wrong.  I was given an option to have an abortion but we never had a second thought.”
Marites said  Bernard was born premature and has  underwent different surgeries before he turned one year old.  She and husband Francis had to endure a lot of obstacles but  they get strenght from  Bernard’s positive energy and outlook in life.
“In school,  there were times, he has been subjected to bullying  but he never gave up. He would still come back. He stlil  wanted to play with other  kids.”
Bernard  never used his disability as an excuse.  He is driven and passionate.  Infact, this Gen Bying student  is very active in sports.
He is in a  Sledge hockey Team.   It is a kind of ice hockey where  athletes like him who have a physical disability can still play using a sled.
Bernard  is also  a member of the Manitoba  Wheelchair Sports Association’s  Basketball team.
Like his two siblings,  Bernard  is also a dancer.  He attends  Hip hop classes at the Royal Dance At The Forks.
He is also a member of the  War Amps is now using two sets of prosthetics.  One for regular walking and  one  for sports.
His big  dream includes  becoming  a Paralympic Athlete.


Through the support of  Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation, Bernard continues  to  enjoy his  field of interest and  lives an  independent and active  life.

 RBC’s Cruisin’ Down the Crescent  has been going on for the last 20 years and is considered one of the biggest fundraisers of the foundation.

This year’s  event  raised  $142,000.

Bernard was  joined by  Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman as they lead the crowd  to walk, glide or  ride down Wellington Crescent.

The day was  full of  activities for the entire family that started out with a  warm-up Zumba and was made fun by  silent auction,  BBQ lunch  and  ‘Kiddie Zone’.

Marites with family and other participants with Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman


Zumba Instructors Cecillia Goulet and Daisy Villegas lead  the crowd in a warm-up Zumba fitness at the opening ceremonies



Blessed to be part of this good cause — me and my sister Antontette and  friends Lizzy, Beth and Wilma with Zumba Instructors  Daisy and Cecil.



Marites would like to inspire other parents  who have kids born with disabilities   “There is a reason why  Bernard  was given to us.  No matter what his condition is, we give him our full love and support.  We are proud of who he is  and what he has become.”

For us who have complete limbs and legs, what is our excuse for not getting up?


(PHOTO CREDIT:  Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation and Marites Rosello)

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