Winnipeg’s 2020 Festival du Voyager celebrates Indigenous, francophone culture

The 51st Festival du Voyageur wrapped up its 51st season this year in Winnipeg’s Fort Gibraltar at the heart of St. Boniface.

Known for celebrating French and Métis culture,, the Festival is not exclusively Franco-Manitoban, this year’s festival focuses on celebrating Indigenous and francophone cultures through art, music and storytelling.

Some programming this year included live performance art pieces, indigineous culinary experience and more.

Festival du Voyageur also focused on environmental initiatives this year, including a composting program and free water stations to reduce single-use bottled water.

While having a grasp of a piece of Manitoba history and ice sculptures, festival goers also enjoyed poutine, beaver tails pastry, mini donuts and other food and experienced rolling maple syrup taffy.

Winnipeger Tracey Rigaux and daughter Sammy are regular guests at the festival and were so thrilled that Sammy got to go up on stage and sang for a little bit joining other local perfomers.

Communications director Nicolas Audette noted the abnormally mild late-February conditions during the final weekend paved the way for a higher attandance this year as more guests watch concerts and more children enjoyed the activities prepared for them including the sled.

Organizers are still tabulating overall turnout over the 10 days.

(Thank you Tracey Rigaux for letting CKJS use some of your photos)

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