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In this age of modern technology that even your mother or (your grandmother) are on  facebook  (or tweeter), you will be left behind if you don’t get your self up-to-date.


Our smart phones have evolved from just its use for calling (or texting) to doing live feed videos or face time with your family from the other end of the globe. This comes at  no extra cost.



Not only that advancement in modern technology is useful in communication and information.  It  makes our lives easy  in the areas of   health,  security,  travelling,  entertainment or household. It   encourages creativity,   innovation  and accuracy.


I’m not really that techy kind of person.  But with the  fast pace of life,  I   have to catch up with our five-year old.


When it comes  to technology and gadgets,  my husband  is  my consultant.   The apps he put on my smart phone always come in handy.   Most of the time, he  (and  his bestfriend Cel)   have the best remedy to our computer problems.   He has an answer for everything and anything I needed. He is my  IT and and my inspector gadget rolled into one.




Gadgets everywere. Just saw this today while I was cleaning the floor- could someone tell me what is it? hehe



And even if  sometimes   I  find   some of  his purchase   silly,    funny    or sometimes not necessary,    there is this one   simple gadget   that  I am impressed of.


It   was created perfectly for clumsy and  forgetful  people like me.


He  put it with my bunch of  keys almost a year ago.      An  anti-lost  device –a  finder sensor that  alarms at the hit of a key on my cellphone and  vise versa.


Even our  TV remote has one.

From time to time,  I  find it useful.
And  today,  it works  again  for me.  After  a few   minutes of   going around,   I remember I have this sensor.
And so   I    found   my   missing   keys in an instant.     Still  stucked on the door knob.

my key anti-lost sensor device–how cool is that?



And so everytime  the door bell ring and   there is  delivery from amazon and ebay,  I  find my self so amazed —thinking  what is in it for me now.
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