BLOG: Ice Castles Glitter and it was a great time


For   Winnipeggers,   the sight of ice and snow is a thing that is not new and  you will never miss.  But still, the glowing and glittering  built  and carved ice palaces still attract.

Ice Castle — a winter attraction  made of ice and snow   opened  this year at our favorite family site, the Forks.

The arch passages with icycles of different lenghts are the  highlights. Perfect background for selfies.



Brought  by an American company,  Ice Castle  boasts  of  structures reaching  as high as 15 metres which includes a wall of ice with rainbow colors,  a small  volcano-like oval attraction, a mini slide and a  tunnel.

A great place  to walk around  if you are willing to spend around $50 dollars for a family of four on a regular evening.

Kids and adults alike love the carved sled which you can do over again if you are patient in lining up.



Although not  too much  of  varied  attractions  and  not  as wide  compared to  the Great Ice show  that we also visited   years ago in Winnipeg,   Ice Castle will surely break the monotony of  long winter days (or nights).   Do not expect too much. Come like a curious child.  Take time  to appreciate a true work of  art and creativity.

It is always more enjoyable  to come around  with other family friends so  kids can have  extra playtime.  More  laughters although  a  little harder time  looking for  them as they go around.

Our  kids never wanted to leave and  end the night with their friends.



I suggest getting your tickets online prior to coming  for a hassle-free visit.  Cheaper.  No line up. And there’s sure booking.

Bundle up and  come in your warmest boots.

Smaller kids may enjoy  the sled instead of the strollers as they go around.


Winnipeg’s  Ice castle  is one of  the six locations across North America this season.  There’s also one in Edmonton.

For how long Ice Castle will stay up at the Forks,  please check with them.   Ticket prices and  evening hours vary.

Weekends are busier and there’s a little extra charge for attraction like a fire show and the presence of Frozen queen and princess.

For details  check the company’s website.


Although  there’s  a bonfire to thaw frozen  toes in case you come during chilly evening like us,  warming  up with hot choco after a visit is always a good idea.

It was an evening of   fun  to remember this winter.

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