BLOG: Going natural with my home colds remedy


You know one sign  you’re getting old?  When you suddenly learn to appreciate the drink that your dad or grandpa used to drink when you were younger.


Known to us Filipinos as “salabat”.    I have learned to get used to this routine of ginger tea  when I have symptoms of colds or flu.


Ginger is obviously a cheaper alternative  healthy drink.  It is  commonly found in the aisle of Asian spices and rootcrops. A common ingredient in Asian and Indian cuisine,  ginger   is  known  for  its medicinal properties.


I  recently  made my own  version of   ginger  tea but  with additional   ingredients. I came  up randomly  with this version of   ginger honey lemon  tea by  making  use of  what’s  available  in  my kitchen.   (I also find this from online sites so I know I am safe! haha).


I boil my sliced ginger root in water and add  some sliced   pieces of  one whole lemon.


I am not a big fan of spices but lately I have discovered  turmeric and cayenne pepper  and their work of   wonders against colds and  fighting  infections .  So I put a dash of each. A friend of mine said it is also  better with a dash of cinnamon for added flavour.


And  finally,   to add some sweetness and so I  forget about   the sour and spicy taste,  I  put  some drops of honey which is known also  known  to  have   antimicrobial properties to fight colds.


But just a friendly reminder,  this may not work for everyone.


If you have some  medical conditions or if you   are drinking some maintenance drugs, this might not be good for you.   And  of course,  if you feel  your condition gets  worse,  it is always best to see your doctor for check-up.


I am a big fan of  natural home remedies  and I  think  it  works miracle on my  colds  and sored throat.  For  those like me who can tolerate the taste,  just be careful in drinking this  on an empty stomach  or it  might give you a tummy ache.


Otherwise, enjoy hot or cold !


Gracias amiga Mirtha for my turmeric powder. Inspired by Chester’s turmeric mornings.



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