BLOG: Ellaine, our love for “Brazo” and where to find it in Winnipeg


My  friend Ellaine and I  share the same cravings for almost the same food–     pasta,  quinoa, cakes, etc.   We spend a great time talking about recipes,  desserts  and  dishes.  Our favorite hang out is sitting down with a cup of tea and  enjoying our favorite cheese cake. And lately,  we  discovered that we are also both fans of   Brazo de Mercedes.


Brazo de mercedes is another type of  dessert in the long list of  yummy sweet delicacies in the rich Pinoy goodies aisle.   It is a type of  sponge cake  made with soft meringue rolled around a rich custard filling.  In the Philippines, we usually   buy this from  big commercial bakeshops like  Red Ribbon and Goldilocks.


Ellaine and husband Ronald have been talking about   this century-old  panaderia (bakeshop) in  their  hometown, Pasig,  that is known  because of  its finest bread and Brazo.   Dimas – Alang Bakery was  founded in 1818 and is still operating.


And now that Ellaine and the whole family are en route for a homecoming,  she told me the first thing she wanted to see on the table is Dimas Alang’s  Brazo. haha.





To my  friend Ellaine,  enjoy your homecoming.   Looking forward  to your  photo as you  feast over your  beloved Dimas Alang   Brazo.   Save a bite for me .  Lots of  wonderful memories await the whole family.  Have fun in our motherland!


Charita’s  Cuisine

Here in Winnipeg,  I  go over heels  with the Brazo version of  ate Chari.  She just brought her kitchen secret to the world to taste  when she eventually  put up   Charita’s   Cuisine.   I first got a taste of   her mouth-watering brazo  at the Food-o-Rama festival earlier this year.   And  this weekend,  at the Oktoberfest. I just love it!   Ellaine and I agree this is heavenly!


Ate Chari also makes crinkles and cassava cakes.  For  preorders, contact  her at Call us: (204) 293-3901.


Brazo de Mercedes from Charita’s Cuisine, Winnipeg




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