There is another special reason why  coming to Folklorama’s Pearl of the Orient Philippine Pavillion this summer brings double treat.

Young musicians of  Iskuwelahang Pilipino (IP) Rondalla travel all the way to Winnipeg from Boston, Massachusettes to bring in a fresh take of their music.

IP Rondalla shares  the stage with equally amazing performers of Magdaragat Philippines Inc.  which acts as  host as the group  visits Winnipeg from August 11 to 15 as part of their Canadian tour.

IP is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers and was founded in 1976 by a group of Filipino-American  parents in Boston to create an environment where their children will have the opportunity to learn about their Filipino heritage.

The group has travelled the world, including the Philippines, to showcase their  brand of music integrating dance movements and acting into every piece they play.

IP Rondalla’s  touring show “Reveries and Rhythms” is a combination of traditional Philippine folk songs and folk dance music,  contemporary music, original Filipino-American compositions and American contemporary music.  They perform using their bandurias  and octavinas, guitars and double bass, with suplemental percussion to accentuate the rhytmic theme of the show.

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Aside from performing at the Pearl of the Orient Pavillion, the IP Rondalla  was also at the Folklorama in the Park, Assiniboine Park Conservancy Summer Concert Series last August 12 and at Portage Mall on August 13.

IP Rondalla is not seen in all the  shows  every night. Tonight, August 15th  is the last night, the group will be seen performing as they continue their tour in other cities of Canada.

Shows in all  the 43 Foklorama Pavillions including Pearl of the Orient will  run until August 18  with the following shows:   6:45PM, 8:15PM and 9:45PM.

Manitoba’s pride Magdaragat will continue to amaze the audience with their  perfect cultural performances using bamboo   in “tinikling” and  “singkil” which are only a few of the attractions in their  pavillion’s new location in  Petrus Hall , 2624  Inkster.