BLOG: Women and Self-defense

Women  have the right for a safe environment.  Unfortunately,  the world is not always safe from bad elements.

Women’s intuition is very strong.  Empowering them with basic self-defense skills will help protect them  from any form or  acts of violence.

I  was once mobbed by a group of drunk men in downtown during my early years in Canada.  Just lucky enough  to use my speed sonic skills in running to get away unharmed.

I  use public transport,  walk, run and  bike by myself even in the wee hours.

Thought  some  skills will come  handy when the need arises.

Recently, I stepped out of  my comfort zone  and enrolled in a women’s self defense course with my sister Antonette.

After all, I have always been a big fan of  Kung Fu and Kung Fu Panda sequels.


From the class, I learned that being alert and  being aware of  our environment is the first  consideration  in keeping ourselves protected.

It’s as simple as  “not”  being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Know your boundaries  and  find courage to say no or enough, combat and break away.


At first, I was unsure if I could  finish the eight week program.

I am clumsy and not really strong.  Sometimes I even use  my being left-handed as  an excuse for my being miscoordinated.


Our  teacher, DaiSiJay Tammy told  us that  regardless of  our  size, height or strength,  we  can defend ourselves if we know how to properly throw out or use our bodies.

She provided  a professional, respectful  and fun environment where everyone was supportive of  each other.

DaiSiJay was very patient with me. Her passion is astonishing.



The girls in my class were all  friendly and driven.

It was like, we were all just having fun while learning some practical life saving tips.

Sometimes I would go to bed  with  sored muscles or injured wrist.  

But I  have enjoyed all the small and big physical challenges we had.  Sometimes I would  think I was playing a role in an action flick or  defending myself against real life

bullies so I stay pumped up and focused.

As weeks went by,  I  found myself  looking  forward to our next sessions.



Our  last two meetings were spent doing  one-on-one sparring.  We applied all the moves we learned   with  actual  opponent played by some volunteer Master Shifus and Shifus from Plum Blossom Martial Arts Academy.

They selflessly imparted valuable  inputs and wisdom that widened our appreciation of the discipline.



Thank you to DaiSiJay Tammy and to our friends  from  the academy for their dedication to share their expertise.  They inspired  us to try harder. And harder. And harder.
I was also lucky to have a buddy in my sister– whose energy was contagious.
Credit also goes to my husband Joji for  letting me use him as  my punching bag until he gave up.
He gives  me freedom and  support as  I work on developing my inner Bruce Lee. Hi-ya!
I  admit I have to use extra effort  to  learn doing my punches and  kicks.
I realize,  the more I know, the more I need to try to keep learning more because I know only a little.
But guess what. This new path  gave  me  a whole new level of  sense of  fulfillment.
I now walk  with  purpose and an extra load of confidence in the street.

As Confucius put it,  “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

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