BLOG: Look who I met from Camping: Guy cycling Canada

Family went for a camping this weekend and met this guy from Quebec.

My husband Joji and  friend Jorge offered their help to  him  upon  learning he was moving his tent to a spot  adjacent to ours.  We invited  him over to our table for  the day’s lunch.

Being French,  his name is so hard to say.  He introduced himself as  Guillaume Leblanc or “Guy” for short.

We asked if he eats meat and  he was delighted to taste our  Filipino Adobo (pork stew).

He said he needs protein because he has lost so much weight pedalling for weeks. And that’s how our short but meaningful conversation started.

Have you heard of people riding their bicycle and doing cross-country tour for a cause?    That’s exactly what Guy is up to.

He is in Manitoba backpacking  at the same campground  as we are  for a few days.  He came all the way  from Regina, Saskatchewan riding his bike.

As we feast on our tasty  Adobo cooked  by Jorge,  we  learned that Guy  took  three months  off his work as electrician  to pedal  across Canada  in support of STARS AIR AMBULANCE and its counterpart in other provinces.




“I  ride and raise money for STARS air ambulance because I want  people to know its importance  in providing  crucial medical help to people in remote areas. “

The idea behind Guy’s  journey  started when he personally experienced needing the service of STARS.

Two years ago,  he and friend Jeremy (who is Filipino-Canadian) were  mountain biking in  Bragg Creek, Alberta when Jeremy crashed in the steep hill and suffered major injuries.

Because of the quick response of  STARS,  rightaway  the duo cyclists’ location was reached.  Critically injured and unconscious Jeremy was  stabilized and transported  to the hospital.

Now back on his feet,  Jeremy is able to kick  his bike again and was able to join  Guy at  some point in biking the Prairies.


(File photo of Guy and Jeremy from Stars Air Ambulance website)


STARS was there to rescue Jeremy. And as a way to thank STARS,  we want to bring awareness to people about what it does.”

So far,  Guy has raised about ten thousand dollars cycling across Canada.

Starting  from  Vancouver this June,  he hopes to tour  Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and end in St. Johns  Newfoundland.   He explained to us  that other provinces have  different names for their air ambulance system. In Ontario,  they call it ORNGE.

As my family left the campground today,  Guy was also off   to continue his mission to Kenora, Ontario.

As he waved to us as he left,  we had nothing but admiration and  Godly wishes  for  such a wonderful soul.

He put to risk  his health and his own  life pedalling in highways through sun and rain so more people could live.



We are proud of you Guy!   We will continue cheering  for you as you reach your final destination and reach your goal.

Guy and Jeremy would be very happy to get our support  so many more lives be saved.  Find him on facebook by searching  Guy Cycling Canada.

To donate to STARS,  please click







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