BLOG: An Authentic camping Experience in Riding Mountain

It’s that time of the year again that our kids always look forward to when weather gets warmer in Manitoba.

We had our first camping for this season on the second week of May.  We saw a live bear on the mountaneous side of  the road and made  new friends.

For the previous years, we usually  struggle  accommodating  in the  car every single thing we needed  to  set up a tent.   This time,  we didn’t have to pack the big tent,  inflatable beds and  tenting pegs.

Harold  and Rose introduced us to a whole new way of camping through oTENTik at the Riding Mountain National Park in Wasagaming (also known as Clear Lake).




Riding Mountain   is the only  designated   federally owned / national park  in Manitoba with  over 400 km  of trails  with surfaces ranging from being grassy to gravelled.


oTENTik: A roof  in the head and a floor beneath 


The Dads  in the group   were relieved  from the  hustle and bustle of setting up and  putting down tents as we stayed in oTENTik.

Parks Canada describes  oTENTik  as an  A-frame  cabin and a   tent in one  mounted on a raised wooden floor.

Permanent, comfortable and clean,  they  do not  require any  set-up at all.

We  felt  safer sleeping inside OTENTik  as  compared to being in a  regular tent in case wild animals like a coyote or a bear attack. Haha!

There were sleeping mattresses  which were  big enough to  accommodate six people.

Nestled in between trees and shrubs, it was  great feeling to wake up to  sounds of chirping birds.

Each  rented spot  has its own  barbeque grill.   And since we camped at the time when it was less busy,  we were able to use  the whole part of our camp site for our grilling,  bonfire and  as   play area for kids.  We were also able to use another wooden cabin for cooking and dinner for free.

It was mothers’ day weekend but no coincidence that the Dads did most of the cooking and the running around. Thank God for hands-on Dads (and for salad master).




During the two evenings,  kids enjoyed hotdog  and marshamallow roasting which are a must in any campings.

In the morning ,we had Zumba with Mommy Wena.

On   our second day,  we took along the kids for  a hike  down the trail to go around  the town of Wasagaming.   They were excited  to spot some deers along the way.





The forested park  and grasslands are perfect for nature lovers,  hikers, kids ball game,  running  or a short walk.   Being open all year round, the place is also popular for  winter  adventures like snow shoeing, skating and  cross country skiing.

Park also boasts of  trails perfect for  cycling  which the FWS boys enjoyed a lot  (and  one best reason why they chose  this place to camp out).



Many people flock to Clear Lake  during summer  to fish, swim, canoe or kayak.

The sight and feel   of the lake and the  stroll along the board walk  relaxed  our tired  mind away from the noise of  regular city life.


Walking   around  Wasagaming town is  also  fun as we  checked  commercial  places  like  clothing stores and restaurants.

After the hike,  we treated the kids with  freshly baked  cinnamon buns  in one of the  popular go-to-places in the area for tourists-   the White House Bakery.  We had a try of  gelato from Board Walk that kids just loved.






How to go to Riding Mountain

Riding Mountain National Park is three hours drive    from Winnipeg and is  accessible by car and bus from two towns—  Dauphin  lies 13 kilometres to the north and Brandon lies to the 95 kilometres south, connected by Higway 10 with Wasagaming.



During the summer season, the park  is a very popular tourist destination  has seen well over 300,000 visitors in a season in the past.   Aside from  a  full service campground, it also  has 525 private cabins and 254 private cottages.

There is always a different excitement  putting up and sleeping on a  tradional tent but this  oTENTik experience is something  we would like to  do again. It  blends   the best of  stress free  camping while enjoying the beauty and feel of the wilderness.

The  three-day stay was made extra fun with the  warmth of the company we had.    Thank you Gimo,  Harold and Ronald  and your  wives  for tagging  us along.  We had a lot of  fun with your families.  And thank you for spoiling us.  Special thanks   to Mommy Wena for the mouthwatering barbecues.  

Until our next road trip!

For inquiries and reservations about oTENTik, you may check:  Parks Canada oTENTik or call   1-877-RESERVE (1-877-737-3783).

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