BLOG: 10 Quotes from Michelle Obama that Inspire Me

Former United States First Lady   Michelle Obama stopped by Winnipeg’s Bell MTS Centre for a noon time conversation  with  University of Manitoba Chancellor Anne Mahon  in front of a crowd of thousands  on September 24 as part of  her memoir “Becoming” tour.

The book  chronicles her life story as  a  child from a working class family in South Side of  Chicago to a not normal family life at the White House.

“I hope that kids see themselves in my journey and  realize  they can have same opportunities in life”.

A big number of the audience  were  students   coming from  different schools and colleges in Manitoba  who were given free passes.

Michelle was welcomed with a loud cheer and standing ovation.   Many were smittened  by her intelligence,  confidence, eloquence, humility, class and wit.



The wife of former United States President   has established herself  as  role model for women and youths and  as a  strong advocate of  empowerment,  equality, healthy living  and fight against poverty.


Here are top 10  words of wisdom she shared: 

1. We can not define ourselves by the color of our skin, language or culture. It is truly what’s within us that define us.

2.  Parents  have everything inside that they need to make their children thrive.  They should have confidence in their children and teach them honesty and good  values to live by.

3.  Be proud of  your own story. It  is what you have.  By not hiding anything liberates you.

4.   When others  go low, we go high.

5. . Education is  the most powerful equalizer because it  provides  chance to people.

7.   Exercise is part of  my daily  routine to remain physically  strong. We, as  mothers,  don’t have a lot of time. As a morning person,  I make use of  time when my kids are still  asleep.

8,   Women and kids around the world  have the  gift and potentials.  Even if we do not have money,  accesss or  resources,  just like me coming  as a  working class kid,  we are born with innateness and abilities.

9. Continue to strive to be even more.  It feels to be so much better to be working with and for other  people.

10.  Mentor someone in your life today.  The power to change someone else’s life is  power.   And that is true service.


Not all people are gifted with the  ability   to  connect  to people the same way Michelle Obama does.

I am glad I went to listen to her  with my sister Antonette.   Definitely one of those moving testimonies  that  did not bore me  and  which penetrated  to my very  core.

Michelle Obama is  regarded  as  one of  the  most iconic and   highly respected  women of this generation.

Her  book “Becoming” was published in  2018  in 24 languages and  is  by far, considered  the biggest-selling autobiography ever written.





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