BLOG: A Spooktacular Halloween

I am a big fan of  halloween.  And just like  our  kids, I’ve  always  been  looking   forward to sporting a costume.   This is a chance after all to be creative and be someone else  even for just a few hours.   I’ve been a witch many times, a pirate,  cowgirl,  prisoner, construction worker, bat girl  and last year, Lola Nidora.

I needed to be prepared for this one big Halloween party that I will be attending. My  very first Halloween Party .

Was thinking of  a costume to rock  that is not so expensive, interesting, funny and most of all–unique and challenging.

Was on the bus a day before the night of the party when something else  popped  on my head.   And so I jumped out of the bus and took another bus route again going to that big value store in Pembina.     It’s the best place on earth for second hand items .   Got my self   an old looking  long  skirt and a black top.  In 30 minutes, I got what I needed.

A quick run to the dollar store for a mask  and my old  wig  completed my get-up.  My own kids were  scared   of what I became.

*          *             *

Call me  “Kampanerang Kuba” (Hunchback of the bell tower)—  inspired by a local folk story   back home. Even  my  friends  did  not notice it was me behind the mask until I revealed.

Costume of all sorts, colors and types were all amazing at the halloween party.





But other  than  the costumes, masks  and  make-up,  it was the sense of  oneness, energy and passion  of everyone that made the event spectacular.    It’s  a   charity event  in celebration of our friend John Zumba’s  fourth anniversary.



“John the Encantadia” ZUMBANNIVERSARY. Master Zumba Instructor John Zumba celebrates his fourth anniversary in the zumba community through a charity zumba halloween event held at the St James Civic Centre, October 29th, 2016.  Proceeds go to Answering Cry of the Poor (Ancop) .





Didn’t quite realize my  last minute  $10 dollar costume idea would be a hit  and yes–this fun.   It  even  got  me  a prize for the night—second place for best costume.


And  yes, fully-geared with my  costume,  I joined my  kids  in trick or treating and we had a fun  time!



The  rain  did not stop “Kampanerang Kuba”  to go   around  the neighborhood trick or treating with  her  Picachu and Mr Police Officer.  


It  is  not just  about getting  candy  treats  or  the dressing up part  that makes Halloween interesting every year.

Halloween is like  embracing  a  spirit of  community.  It   adds  spice  to the monotony  of   busy  daily  routines every fall.  And for  adults like me,  it  gives   a feeling  of being a   young kid  once again–  to do a bit  of role playing,  to simply have  fun and  GET CRAZY!






Hope you all had a  great  Halloween!   Till next year! 







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